Friday, October 2, 2015

Sculpting Charlie

Recently a friend sent me a photograph of a woman with Charlie Chaplin, and a sculpture of his head. 

This is on the back of the photo:

This made me curious about the sculptor. It was Katherine Stubergh. Turns out she has quite a resume, from sculptures to wax museum figures. I've attached a couple of links if you want to see more about her and her Chaplin work.

According to

Born in San Francisco, CA on June 23, 1911.   Stubergh came from a long line of mannequin makers.  At age 21 she abandoned a budding dance career to concentrate on sculpting.   Most of her career was centered around Los Angeles where she did many busts of prominent people in the movie industry as well as bronze plaques. Her married name was Keller at the time of her death in Honolulu on May 14, 1996. 

There's even a YouTube video about her and some of her work. Video of Stubergh at work on Hollywood models.

Here are the other links to Katherine:
Charlie by Katherine       Charlie by Stubergh