Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Special for Charlie's Birthday - April 16 - My Novel

Now you can buy "Shadow and Substance"

 for only $20, free shipping.

I wrote a novel about Chaplin, about Hollywood in the 20's and today, about time travel and the amazing story of Chaplin. It's called "Shadow and Substance: My Time with Charlie Chaplin." Yes, it's a novel, which means it's fiction...but also built on fact...except for some imagination and the time travel part.


Got some really good reviews, including this gem from Kevin Brownlow:

“I was impressed by your book. I enjoyed it so much I made it last as long as possible. It was fascinating to read a fictitious version of an event one has been through oneself. You are a very good writer and your imagination caught me to such an extent that I began to feel as though I had just encountered Chaplin myself!”

Kevin Brownlow, Chaplin expert, author, documentarian, and         winner of a Lifetime Achievement Academy Award in 2010

The special price for my novel - $20 - is good until the end of April, 2020.The reason, again, is to celebrate Charlie Chaplin's birthday, April 16.He was born in 1889 and changed the history of movies, and was at one time the most famous man in the world. Not bad accomplishments for someone who grew up in poverty in the slums of London.

You can pay by PayPal (spidermandel@charter.net) or mail a check for $20 to
Gerry Mandel, 503 Taylor Young Drive, St. Louis MO 63122. Let me know if you'd like for me to sign the book. Thanks.
Free shipping only in U.S. Other countries, USPS rates apply.
Available number of copies is limited.

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